Open Source Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA Open) Manual

This is the manual for sDNA Open, the spatial network analysis toolbox for GIS and Python.

This manual can be cited as follows:

Cooper, C. (2021) Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) Open version 4.2 Manual. Cardiff University.

Please also remember to cite the software itself in any published sDNA analysis:

Cooper, C.H.V., Chiaradia, A.J.F., 2020. sDNA: 3-d spatial network analysis for GIS, CAD, Command Line & Python. SoftwareX 12, 100525.

How to get help

Please ask questions on GIS Stack Exchange and tag them with sdna. If you get no response within a few days, feel free to chase up the sDNA developers by sending an email to with a link to your stack exchange question.

Bugs, Feature Requests, Errata

Please report bugs, feature requests and any errors found in the manual to the bug issue tracker on sDNA Open’s github page.

Acknowledgements: This manual was originally put together under an Impact Accelerator grant from the Economic and Social Research Council. The principal investigator was Alain Chiaradia and the co-investigator Crispin Cooper, based at Cardiff University department of Geography and Planning and the Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Table of Contents